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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click on Post a Project and Complete the Form. Enter a clear description of what do you need. We are going to check every job request and only approve the ones with a clear description. 

Nothing! On other sites such as Upwork, you must pay to post your job applications. In My Top Freelancers, you do not have to pay anything, on the contrary, we will give you back 2% of the total project as a form of gratitude for trusting us. 

First, you have to sign up and complete your profile. After that, we are going to ask for some links to your social media profiles, other Freelancers site and if needed it we are going to schedule a video call. 

After approving your application, you can start applying for projects. Remember that you can negotiate with the client for hourly payment or for the entire project.

We only charge 7.5% of the entire payment. If you work hourly that will apply weekly, if you choose milestone or entire project the fee will apply per milestone or for the entire project.

There is no extra commission. We work with Paypal for payments at the moment. The charges of Paypal are separate and we have no relationship with them.

Enjoy Freelancing!

We are a group of freelancers and companies that know how difficult it is to find talent on the internet, that is why we create the best platform to connect clients and freelancers. More than 20 years of experience in the market support us.

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